A film crew without much experience decides to follow around and film five runners who are training for the Devil’s Canyon Marathon. We are three months out from the start of the race. The race is not a well known one (at all) and has been started by a shoe store owner who is feeling rather desperate. Ed Clap (Jimmy Slonina – Punch and Judy) is attempting to mark the 15th anniversary of his store.

The five runners are not exactly known entities within the running world. Not in any sense. They all are, however, facing one of the biggest challenges of their lives. What else could be used to describe Jenna Kowalski (Natalie Sullivan – Unexpected), a woman who is going to attempt to set the world record for running a marathon in a fruit costume. I mean….you know the laughs are going to be plenty. Then there are laughs with social conscience imbued in them. This is the case with Shareef Washington (Tavius Cortez – Between Two Minds), a black man who does not seem to understand why when he runs the police chase him.

The stories of each of the five runners unfolds over the course of the film. These are not your typical mockumentary one trick pony characters. Directors/screenwriters Anthony Guidubaldi (first feature film) and Keith Strausbaugh (first feature film) give the characters screen time in order for their stories to unfold. As you get to know the five I can almost bet that who you identify as your favourite will change a couple of times.

Loads of fun here. Laughs combined with a couple of surprises. It follows the familiar path of other mockumentaries like Best in Show and Spinal Tap. Eccentric characters. Silly humour. Poking fun at familiar events. Over the top stuff happening all the time. The trap it does not fall into often is going back to the same joke well too many times. Most of the laughs are unique and original.

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