image+nation culture queer inaugurates the first I+N StoryLab queer scriptwriting project in partnership with Telefilm Canada

Under its new banner and enlarged outreach scope, image+nation culture queer is pleased to inaugurate the first I+N StoryLab / histoires queer contemporaines in partnership with Telefilm Canada.

Expanding its role in LGBT2SQ+ culture from presentation (image+nation.festival film LGBTQueer Montréal) to content creation, image+nation culture queer has initiated its first incubator-mentorship project. The I+N StoryLab / histoires queer contemporaines will bring five emerging queer content creators together with five queer filmmaking and producing mentors from across the country for a storytelling thinktank and scriptwriting initiative beginning in September and continuing with weekly mentorship sessions into Fall 2021.

The I+N StoryLab / histoires queer contemporaines will gather a roster of diverse, driven and above all creative emerging queer filmmakers with the goal of bringing their stories to life – taking them through the steps of script development, implementation and resolution.

Through workshops and mentorship, the I+N StoryLab / histoires queer contemporaines will focus on developing useful tools and strategies to foster authenticity, outreach, collaboration and connection through Storytelling. The I+N StoryLab / histoires queer contemporaines will provide participants with concrete means to create New Canadian Queer Stories that speak of contemporary queer perspectives and experiences.

With an emphasis on inclusivity, the I+N StoryLab / histoires queer contemporaines will include participants representative of our country’s diverse regional voices – fostering content creation from distinctly Canadian perspectives and positionings while amplifying voices from francoqueers outside of Québec and underrepresented queers from Indigenous, 2Spirit, indigiqueer, BPOC and other racialized communities.

For details on how to apply, and more information about I+N StoryLab / histoires queer contemporaines, go to

“This new initiative is a welcome addition to image+nation culture queer, building upon our vision by creating an inclusive and representational stepping stone to contribute to the telling of queer Canadian stories speaking of LGBT2SQ+ experience in our evolving contemporary culture.

We need more perspectives to be seen and heard in order to build an inclusive cultural landscape where all can see themselves on screen and hear their story. LGBT2SQ+ communities are many lives that co-exist and exist within their own communities.

This is a first step in our journey of making every story and experience count and be counted. We are proud to be able to offer this opportunity and look forward to evolving into a creative space where stories are made, seen and heard – and shared.” Charlie Boudreau, director I+N culture queer.

As a funding agency, Telefilm is committed to recognizing and supporting the widest possible variety of talent,” said Christa Dickenson, Executive Director and CEO of Telefilm Canada“We understand that sustained effort and substantial mentoring support are required to nurture talent and that initiatives must be undertaken jointly with experienced, competent industry partners. Consequently, we are very pleased to be working with image+nation culture queer to encourage the development of projects that tell authentic stories, providing concrete assistance to ensure that the voices of Canada’s diverse communities are heard.”

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