Love Type D

It is a world based on science. We have certainly learned that lesson during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here comes a film which ventures to prove that science even rules the world of love. Love Type D, directorial debut by Sasha Collington (who also wrote the screenplay), is a cheeky British film which forwards the theory that there is a gene which deems which people will be lucky in love and who won’t. You are either Type A, a dumper, or Type D, a dumpee, in love. Here that interesting addition to the romantic comedy film lore brings forth a film filled with likable characters, laughs, heartfelt moments, and…well, love.

After being dumped ten times, Frankie Browne ( Maeve Dermody – Black Water) believes she has found the one. She has been dating her boyfriend Thomas (Oliver Farnworth) for about a year and is waiting for him in a restaurant when unexpectedly his 12-year-old brother, Wilbur (Rory Stroud – from television’s EastEnders), shows up. Wilbur is there to relay a message to Frankie on behalf of his brother. It is that they are over.

Dumped for the eleventh time Frankie is crushed. She cannot understand why. Science offers her an answer; she has the loser in love gene. Meaning that no matter how many relationships she enters into, the guy will always break up with her. Her romantic future is written in stone. Or so it seems.

Desperate, Frankie turns to the only science expert she knows – Wilbur. A science prodigy, Wilbur has developed a theory which says that Frankie can change her romantic destiny. Wanting love, she is willing to try anything to meet her “person”, so Frankie begins a voyage with the goal of getting Thomas back.

Not only cute and funny, this is an extremely well constructed or made film. Such is not often the case when it comes to films of the romantic comedy genre. Some might categorize Love Type D as an anti rom com but I don’t see it that way. Rather, it holds tight to the lure of love. Just looks at the hows and whys from a different angle. This film sees love in the hands of the individual. We make our own destinies when it comes to romance. As much as this is a romantic comedy it is also a tale of self discovery and how important that is in life. Learning that the most important love in life is love of yourself.

The cherry on top is the characters in that they are all very likable. Easy to watch. The cast is filled with actors/actresses I did not know but came to like. Especially Dermody as she has a tricky character on her hands. Frankie behaves oddly at times. Could make her unlikable. But Dermody infuses her with such warmth that you cannot help but root for her. Type of film which will appeal to a variety of ages and equally to women and men.

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