While unwrapping this new Murray McLauchlan CD it dawned on me that Murray McLauchlan is a huge part of our Canadian music motif…as Canadian as hockey, bacon and poutine. On McLauchlan’s 20th album release, entitled Hourglass, the writer sings of discrimination, disadvantage and other current matters of the human condition.

Although this album was conceived during the seemingly without end Covid pandemic saga, only “Pandemic Blues” relates to this period. He sings “it’s gonna be fine, it’s not the end of time” assuring the listener of better times ahead.

McLauchlan states ”I’m just a songwriter. That’s the only voice I have, other than my vote. But I do know this: If we can’t find a way to make the world a more equitable place for everyone, our future is in question.” Although McLauchlan sings about many of our most confounding issues on this release he adds a fair amount of parody for good measure.

I really appreciated this 10 track offering by the 73 year old McLauchlan. The familiar timber of McLauchlan’s voice is still idyllic and engaging. The multiple layers and nuances of each song really drew me in. Al Cross on drums and percussion, holding down the low-down is Victor Bateman on bass, Vezi Tayyeb on keys and I really loved the soothing sounds emanating from Burke Carroll on pedal steel guitar, and finally, on guitar and vocals Murray McLauchlan.

Another article would be required just to reference all of the awards and accolades McLauchlan has received to date. Suffice it to say that Murray McLauchlan is a Canadian jewel that has been shining brightly for decades. On this, his latest release, McLauchlan’s shine has not faded. On his latest release of 10 child friendly tunes you’ll find your toes tapping along with the rhythm of the songs.