TËNK: What’s new on July 9

Tënk is pleased to present five new documentaries to discover from July 9 to September 4.

●●Perfect by Jérémie Battaglia (Quebec, 2016, 76 min)

The moving journey of the Canadian national synchronized swimming team trying to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

●●Sol Negroby Laura Huertas Millán (Colombia/France, 2016, 43 min)

Antonia is an opera singer. After a suicide attempt and the severing of all family ties, she tries to rehabilitate.

●●Help by Alexandra Laffin (Belgium, 2014, 48 min)

The daily life of the télé-secours response team who helps elderly people by telephone. From listening to emergency management.

●●My Father’s Studio by Jennifer Alleyn (Quebec, 2008, 72 min)

Inheriting her father’s studio after his death, the filmmaker finds herself drawn to this intimate space, still exuding the artist’s imagination. An insider’s look on how art impacts life.

●●The Shimmering Beast by Pierre Perrault (Quebec, 1982, 128 min)

In a cabin in Maniwaki, a group of men makes its annual return to nature. The traditional moose hunt as a pretext to delve into Quebec’s soul.


Tënk.ca is an independent subscription-based documentary streaming platform available online across Canada. It was launched in Quebec in February 2020 by a team of enthusiasts and documentary professionals. Tënk is a year-round film festival whose mission is to renew the way we look at the world through the broadcast of strong and unique films. Tënk was first created in Lussas, France, in what is affectionately known as The Documentary Village. With the arrival of Tënk in Canada, a real network is being created to ensure the broadcasting of the best of documentary cinema.

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