Sometimes the simplest things are the best. If you think about it, there is a certain genius behind getting a person who knows an historical event or person back and forth, get them rip roaring drunk then sit them down to tell the story. Of course, film them while they are doing this and build a whole Comedy Central series around it. Derek Waters is the man behind this madness and the laughs while you are learning stuff are a whole lot of fun.

Though this is certainly not a conventional way to learn some history it certainly is an entertaining method. I also think that because of the ridiculous method of presentation the knowledge you gain is more likely to stick in your head. Imagine if all those tortuously boring history classes in high school or university were taught by teachers who were quite inebriated. That would certainly punch things up, no?

This is kinda the premise behind host/actor Derek Waters series, Drunk History. As it sounds, it is a whole lotta fun. Each of the episodes has an American city or a subject like inventors or spies and the history lessons center around the theme. Waters visits his semi-famous friends, gets them drunk and gets them to talk about a particular person or event in history. The result is a hot mess and always funny.

While the storyteller is slurring and swearing their way through their slice of history Waters and some well-known actors are acting out the story. Over the course of the six season you get to see Kat Dennings, Colin Hanks, Dennis Quaid, Josh Hartnett, Will Ferrell, Tiffany Haddish, Bill Hader, Bob Odenkirk, Jack Black, and others as Harriet Tubman, Milton Bradley, Louis Armstrong, Clark Gable, and others.

On a serious note, you do learn a lot in watching the series. You learn about American history that is not in the history books. Like did you know that Milton Bradley essentially became the main name in game making because Abe Lincoln grew a beard? Or that Alexander Graham Bell stole the plans for the telephone from another inventor? Or that a Canadian was the first to try and start up the city of Las Vegas? No, well that is the kind of stuff you are going to learn while watching Drunk History. Mock if you will, but you will end up with more knowledge than when you began.

Special Features:

-Extended Drunk Narrator Moments

-Deleted Scenes

-Drunk Outtakes

-Sober Reveals