Canadian author, Chryseis Knight, aged 7, has now officially become the youngest author to be published by an international renowned publishing firm Penguin Random House in India.

Originally written by Chryseis when she was 3 years old, The Great Big Lion was her first attempt at creating a story that she could tell others including her brother Cruise who was a newborn at that time. Having been inspired by the artwork of Eric Carle, Chryseis decided to also attempt creating her own illustrations.

At age 3, Chryseis Knight was already reading books way ahead of her age including those written by Roald Dahl, Robert Louis Stevenson and J.K Rowling and was curious to explore the world of storytelling. She had written many short form stories in her early days of experimenting and she finally found her rhythm and her own style.

And there is nothing stopping Chryseis from writing and developing more creative works. “I have always felt that writing is a way of expressing my thoughts like how others are able to act, sing, or dance. In the case of the The Great Big Lion, I remember I was being drawn to topics around diversity and inclusivity at that time and I thought why not write a book about it, and so I did,” said Chryseis.

To date, Chryseis has written more than 7 books and is excited to get more of them published and out into the world in the hands of avid readers that appreciate books as much as she does. “My goal is for me to continue to do what I love and to indulge in my passion and I am thankful that I can do that. In addition, I would like to inspire and grow my audience in North America and in order to do that, I would like to get a publisher here in Canada and the USA who would be interested in working with me. And so, if you are a publisher in Canada or the USA reading this, I would like to meet you.”

Chryseis can be followed at her website and her Instagram handle @chryseisknight.

THE AUTHOR – Chryseis Knight is an enthusiastic girl who learnt how to read at the age of one. Reading is her first love Chryseis was inducted into MENSA at the age of two for her linguistic talent. She started writing the story of The Great Big Lion in her notebook when she was three years old. She then shared it with her family and became determined to do the artwork with the motivation of getting the book published. Chryseis is now an emerging author and illustrator and hopes she can inspire children all around the world to embrace the magic in books.