Discover four outstanding short films from previous editions of the festival, exploring the theme of flight. To be viewed for free on La Fabrique culturelle!

3 Logical Exits 
by Mahdi Fleifel (RIDM 2020)
This intimate and upsetting portrait of a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon provides a sociological meditation on the only escape points offered to the dispossessed population of the camps.
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Clean With Me (After Dark)
by Gabrielle Stemmer (RIDM 2020)
Across the United States, housewives from the suburbs film themselves cleaning. Behind the image of perfection, their distress emerges little by little.
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Goodnight Goodnight
by Mackenzie Reid Rostad (RIDM 2020) 

From Montreal to manicouagan’s hydroelectric facilities, this meditative and amused essay tells us about energy as well as the love to explore our relationship to time.
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Return to Genoa City
by Benoît Grimalt (RIDM 2018)
Mémé and Tonton Thomas have been watching Les feuxde l’amour since 1989. Between film analysis and family introspection, a reflection on the passing of life filled with humor and emotion.
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