MUTEK Festival and the Society for Arts and Technology present a series of immersive experiences in the Satosphere

For its 22nd edition, MUTEK Festival is back in the dome of the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] with a program of six works and performances created in research-creation residencies at the SAT, and presented as world premiere.

The Satosphere Series is an invitation to explore new conceptual and sensory territories, with audiovisual creations merging different disciplines. From August 24 to September 5, the following works will be presented: BEATS, a performance combining contemporary dance, projections and live sound creation; Biliminal, an exploration of algorithmic transformation of sound matter; Antilogy, a work where spatialized audio, 360° projection and virtual reality converge; corps minéral, a poetic performance inspired by geology and science fiction; Permanence, an audiovisual journey on the theme of death and rebirth; and finally Cerebral Wastelands, an immersive and interactive experience where spectators will take real-time control of certain aspects of the performance, using data provided by their mobile phones.

Since their founding more than twenty years ago, MUTEK and the SAT have dedicated themselves to the development of innovative forms of digital sound and visual creation. Together, the two organizations are contributing to the emergence of a new generation of creators and artists.

MUTEK x SAT Satosphere Series

From August 24 to September 5, 2021

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Beats- Credit photo Maxyme G. Delisle

Satosphere series MUTEK x SAT

From August 24 to September 5, 2021

Facebook Event

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Satosphere 1-2 • Tuesday August 24 • Wednesday August 25 • 8 p.m.


BEATS is a performance combining contemporary dance, visual projections and sound creation. The use of multimedia technologies acts as a dialogue engine and allows the interaction between the different parts. Thus, with the help of a connected stethoscope and stick, the movement danced on stage influences the visuals and creates sound, these parameters subsequently influence the movements, and so on. Constantly searching for the limits between disciplines, the work plays on the notion of contrasts as a basis for a universal territory.

Artists : Hamie Robitaille, Molly Siboulet-Ryan, Yuki Berthiaume, Stefania Skoryna, Ganesh Baron Aloir


Satosphere 3-4 • Thursday August 26 • Friday August 27 • 8 p.m.


biliminal is an immersive A/V performance that explores the different ways in which sound and visual material, whether real or inspired by the real world, can be distorted using algorithmic transformation systems to create ethereal atmospheres whose various elements are at the limit of the perceptible but vaguely reminiscent of their original form. The audience is plunged into a universe in constant tension, between meditative lullabies and chaotic deflagrations, where sound spatialization and immersive projections envelop and blur the fine line that separates the real from the virtual.

Artists: Alexandre Pariseau, Francis Drouin


Satosphere 5-6 • Saturday August 28 • Sunday August 29 • 8 p.m.


Antilogy is an immersive performance designed for the Satosphere in which spatialized audio, 360 video, and virtual reality converge with live sound performances and, for the first time for the collective, choreographed movement created by Paige Culley. Unveiling the sonic and visual worlds of Valeda, /|| \|| \, Witnessing and Teo ZamudioAntilogy conjures an alternate reality that draws the viewer deep into a story exploring consciousness and the interrelated dimensions of our shared existence.

Artists:  Milo Reinhardt (/|| \|| \), Teo Zamudio, Cat Lamoureux (Valeda), Xavier Arocha (Witnessing), Paige Culley.


the purple desert CA/QC+FR/QC — Live A/V mineral body
Satosphere 7-8 • Tuesday August 31 • Wednesday September 1 • 8 p.m.


Inspired by geology, science fiction, and documentary archives, corps minéral is an immersive film that integrates a narrative co-written by the artists Gabrielle HB and Charline Dally. This one connects the space of our lives and our sensible experiences with geological phenomena of immeasurable temporality. The layers of memory, whether they are contained in the rock or in our cells, are part of a cycle from sedimentation to disintegration. The work invites us to apprehend these processes with attention and empathy in order to consider their slowness as a means to heal even the deepest fractures.

Artists: Gabrielle HB, Charline Dally


COLD CA/QC+EN/QC — Permanence Live A/V
Satosphere 9-10 • Thursday September 2 • Friday September 3 • 8 p.m.


Death and rebirth are the central themes of this new project. With PermanenceFROID takes us on a journey through desolate landscapes, in a world devoid of warmth but bathed in a light of its own. A stripped down visual expression and a mix of harsh vibrations, cavernous atmospheres, striking synths and broken strings will carry the viewer towards this impression of perpetuity. Permanence is a study and an attempt to dwell in eternal existence; a guided journey through the most simplistic state of being.

Artists: Guillaume Bourassa, TiND (Francis Théberge, Mylène Cabana)


Axel Helios CA/QC+FR/QC — Cerebral Wastelands Live A/V
Satosphere 11-12 • Saturday September 4 • Sunday September 5 • 8 p.m.


With Drichtel, his previous audiovisual performance, Axel Helios explored themes of loneliness, anxiety and fear. His new creation, Cerebral Wastelands, is an interactive audiovisual performance for dome and could be considered a logical continuation of Drichtel. Cerebral Wastelands is about coming to terms with your inner demons and getting rid of acquired prejudices by facing them. As an interactive performance, Cerebral Wastelands will allow the audience to take control of certain aspects of the performance in real time, thanks to data provided by their cell phones.

Artist: Axel Helios


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