Limited event series starring the always excellent Bryan Cranston, Your Honor was a big hit for Showtime. I did not see it when it came out, so was quite happy when I got a DVD copy to review. Here Cranston portrays a judge in New Orleans whose life is thrown into turmoil after his son Adam (played by Hunter Doohan) is involved in a hit and run in which a local crime family is also part of. Revenge, lies, conviction, impossible choices, and treachery ensue.

Will remain purposely vague about the storyline as don’t want to give anything away. Cliffhangers abound so don’t want to ruin any of that fun. Basically looking at how far an honest man will go to save his much loved son. Some of the nuts and bolts of the legal system are revealed in the series.

With ten episodes there is plenty of time for the characters and storyline to develop. Though nothing feels rushed, episode one starts off with a bang getting your adrenaline flowing. Both engrossing and breathtaking. While you cannot maintain that kind of pace the quality does keep up throughout. Ten episodes of being on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next. Starts off hot then maintains a slow burn.

Excellence is due to both high calibre writing and acting. Though sometimes how dumb the son character is will aggravate. So much so that you will find yourself kinda wishing that the bad guys got “rid” of him. Another part which caught my attention is how dangerous New Orleans comes off as here. Not a city many would like to visit.

Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes