The Nest

After a family member dies and in an attempt to deal with some issues, young family, Jack (Kevin Patrick Murphy – appeared in episodes of The Walking Dead and Stranger Things), Beth (Sarah Navrati – appeared in episodes of Pretty Little Liars and Counterpart)) and their daughter Meg (Maple Suttles – first film) move into that family house. Beth has dealt with drug addiction which cost her much loved teaching job. So the family is dealing with some issues including money ones.

Jack and Beth have some marriage problems which are made worse after Meg is in a big accident and as a result suffers from separation anxiety from her parents. This puts even more pressure on the marriage and drives them even further apart. Despite their differences, Jack and Beth agree that their daughter needs help from her school counselor Ash (Drez Ryan – appeared in episodes of Mr. Mercedes and The Outsider). Even with the extra help Meg’s behaviour gets even worse.

To bring some joy to her daughter, Beth buys a stuffed bear at a yard sale. Meg loves it and brings it with her everywhere. Instead of being happy that her young daughter seems to have a newfound “friend” in the bear, Beth’s worry grows. Her behaviour verges on paranoia about the bear. Beth begins to even have nightmares about it. The newly sober mother’s behaviour begins to deteriorate at the same time. No matter what those around her think, Beth believes that the bear is infecting her daughter with a parasitic creature. We will see how much a mother on the edge is willing to sacrifice for her child.

Motherhood and gaslighting face off in James Suttles’ (The Evil Inside Her) horror film about a bear which is not as cute as it seems. While there are plenty of poorly executed and cheesy moments, there are also several rather creepy scenes which will have your stomach in knots.

A rather weird and awkward story forms the backbone of the film. A rather slow burner of a horror film. That being said, it went on longer than it should have. Meaning this probably would have made a better short film.

Relies on anxiety and attempting to unsettle those watching. Not much action or jump moments contained within. Cool part is that horror icon Dee Wallace (Cujo, The Howling) is in the film. She definitely turns in the strongest acting of the cast.

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