SOFI TUKKER share two new reimaginings of their timeless debut single “Drinkee” from British house and techno icon Carl Coxand Chicago dance music phenom John Sumit in collaboration with Brazilian house maverick Vintage Culture. “Drinkee” was SOFI TUKKER’s seismic first impression that introduced  a wholly original global vision of dance music that consistently finds new lives and remains contemporary. The song garnered the group their first GRAMMY nomination for Best Dance Recording.

“Carl Cox embodies pure love of music and the craft in a way that has always inspired us. It’s a dream come true to get a remix from him. What a legend. “ share SOFI TUKKER.

Carl Cox says of his remix, “I really enjoyed the original mix, so doing this remix was a pleasure to do. Using new analog Moogs, vocal samples and some lead guitar, was a great challenge to create something special. A true journey of electronic music. I hope you enjoy this remix.” 

“July 2021 is the anniversary of my first remix of ‘Drinkee’ – co-produced with my friend, Slow Motion.  Our remix of ‘Drinkee’ in 2016 was one of the first tracks to catch the attention of an international audience for me. This also began my ongoing friendship with Sofi Tukker.”shares Vintage Culture. “Collaborating with John Summit for an updated version of ‘Drinkee’ in 2021 makes me very proud. John is a talented producer and performing artist. Our 2021 version of ‘Drinkee’ is already receiving an amazing reaction in clubs across the USA.”

John Summit adds, “When Vintage Culture reached out to me about remixing ‘Drinkee’ together it was a no-brainer. I was already working on a collab with SOFI TUKKER at the time (out later this year) and I had always loved the original. Taking that iconic guitar riff and vocals and giving it our signature tech house treatment resulted in a monster of a track that I did not expect. It was almost effortless how quickly this one came together, and from the first time I played it out and saw the crowd reaction I knew it’d be a hit.”

SOFI TUKKER say, “Vintage Culture did one of our first ever remixes of ‘Drinkee’ in 2016 and we’ve developed a friendship over the years. And John Summit has recently become a friend and collaborator. This remix feels like family–and it’s been going OFF all summer. Really hyped to have one of our favorite song we’ve ever made make a comeback in the club!”

This week SOFI TUKKER and Amadou & Mariam shared the video for their collaboration “Mon Cheri” which Blackbook  called “an exuberant hit of joy when we need it most”. The joyful video, directed by Cole Santiago, erupts into an anything goes dance party for all as both groups perform. 


The song appears on Red Hot + Free – Red Hot’s double album out now. The track continues the non-profit’s 30-year mission of fighting HIV/AIDS and supporting humanitarian charities through music, pop culture and global anthems. Proceeds from “Mon Cheri” and the rest of Red Hot + Free will benefit The Ally CoalitionTrevor Project and SAGE, three groups dedicated to LGBTQ equality, suicide prevention in LGBTQ youth, and the elderly LGBTQ community affected by HIV/AIDS and more. 

OFI TUKKER say of the video, “We are so proud of this video. Not only is it one of our favorite songs we’ve made with one of our favorite artists in the world, Amadou & Mariam, but it’s in collaboration with and support of Red Hot, which has been fighting AIDS since 1989. In the spirit of supporting the LGBTQ community, we wanted to tell the story of a real life queer couple. You can tell by the couple’s chemistry in the video that they are deeply in love with each other. It was important to us to have queer representation in the cast and crew, and the atmosphere on set was so unique and refreshing. We absolutely love how this video turned out, it makes us smile the whole way through. Nothing quite like a real life love story—and not just the young lover honeymoon phase—but also how love evolves, and transcends.”

AMADOU & MARIAM share, “ We love the videoclip! The song is festive and universal. You can really feel the energy.”

The group recently shared LP Giobbi’s remix of “Mon Cheri.” The producer and FEMME HOUSE founder puts a deep melodic spin on the track, with synths that undulate like water rippling across a lake. Sung in Portugese, Bambara and French, and produced virtually from Florida, Paris and Mali, “Mon Cheri” delivers an ode to love that transcends language. LP Giobbi’s addition to the track elevates the two GRAMMY-nominated duos’ call to the dance floor.


SOFI TUKKER recently announced a series of live dates including Outside Lands and Spring Awakening. These will be the first in person live dates following over 300 livestreams during the pandemic.The group are also doing their first Las Vegas residency at Elia Beach Club where they’re doing monthly DJ sets, details for all live dates below. SOFI TUKKER recently did a special live set direct from the streets of the Miami area in Tucker’s customized truck Keekee, check it out here.


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