FME is coming to Montreal! Unable to accommodate the usual number of festival goers for this 19th edition of the festival in Rouyn-Noranda, we decided to bring the festivities to Montréal, presenting a brand new event: FME de l’Avent. The mini festival takes place August 6 to 8, at Parc Riverain de Lachine, as part of La Brise du large and their Summer programming on the banks of Lachine Canal.

FME de l’Avent
Hoping to attract music lovers from all over Montreal to this new site, we are presenting a concert series over three days, that is free of charge and open to all. More than 20 Quebec artists, also taking part in the 19th edition of FME (September 2 to 5), will perform over the weekend. Attendees will get a taste of FME 19, and be presented with a stylish curation that includes folk, rock, hip-hop, funk and electronic music. For the occasion, two new stages will be unveiled: La Bronzette and La Pointe, both of which can accommodate up to 250 participants in-person. This Montreal initiative will closely mirror the atmosphere of traditional FME events, in that it will feature FME’s signature art direction, the affair of the festival’s art director, Karine Berthiaume.

Detailed programming
Montreal-based multidisciplinary music virtuoso, Ouri, will be kicking off FME de l’Avent with a DJ set on August 6th, followed by rapper Maky Lavender, the perfect occasion for festival goers to show off their swag as they flex their dance moves. R&B artist, Janette King, will be playing songs from her latest album, and sophisti-pop crooner, Kristian North, brings his musicians for a Friday night concert. That same evening, attendees will be able to headbang to the rhythms of Hochelaga collective, Ragers, later undergoing subversive tremors through the rhymes of Francouvertes-finalist, Calamine. Prolific Montreal shoegaze outfit, No Joy, are also taking part in the event, along with neo-disco glam supergroup, Barry Paquin Roberge, dream pop sensation, Meggie Lennon, and flashy alternative singer-songwriter, Sophia Bel.

Former member of Karkwa, Julien Sagot, who recently released a new album, will also be taking the stage, while the ex-frontman of Les Marinellis presents his new project: Hippie HourrahÉtienne Coppée (winner of Les Francouvertes 2021) tells his tale musically, and Maude Audet offers an insight into her pop-folk amalgamation. Beat Sexü will defend their Pantoum-crafted novel and beautifully-weirdish pop, joining the duke of the 90’s sentimental ballad, Gab Paquet, and présent-punk duo, Crabe. For psychedelia in la langue de Molière, festival goers will want to catch Bonbonbon’s Sunday matinee, featuring Vanille and Mort Rose. Digging deeper into psychedelic music, FME de l’Avent also invites Paul Jacobs and his motley crew for a can’t-miss live concert on Saturday, August 7th.

Though all concerts are free of charge, festival goers will need to reserve their tickets, available online, in advance, to ensure that the site is in compliance with its 500 people capacity per day of programming. Single tickets will be available from July 26th at noon, granting access to the site for a day!

Make sure to RSVP via their Facebook event, Le FME de l’Avent, to be kept up to date!