Ce qu’un jeune mari devrait savoir – collective work and offbeat manual for the perfect husband, in bookstores on August 12

‘ Amazons in curlers. Dishwashing cloth warriors.
Joan of Arc of the struggles for the environment and against the undermining of the right to abortion.
If you care about this institution of marriage, make sure you are up to the task. ”
 – Martine Delvaux

Written by a collective of authors including Martine Delvaux, Rose-AimĂ©e Automne T.Morin, Patrick Watson, Stella AdjokĂȘ, Lili Boisvert, LĂ©a StrĂ©liski, Simon Boulerice, MĂ©lodie Nelson, StĂ©phanie Boulay and Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch, this resolutely offbeat work is a foot-of-the-nose with a feminine mental load. The book will be available in bookstores from Thursday, August 12, 2021.

Textbooks for the perfect woman, the perfect housewife or the perfect girl have abounded for two centuries. Ce qu’un jeune mari devrait savoir includes clothing advice, how to use a fork, how to whiten sheets, in short how to learn, obey and love. Women’s publishers and magazines from the Victorian era to the present day have never been afraid to tell us how to properly train young girls. We want to turn the tide by asking the authors to tell us what the “perfect husband” would be, in order to offer a guide that is a bit offbeat. Without ever moralizing. How to text with elegance and compassion, how to cook a meal, how to manage birthdays, marriage proposals, trips, confinement, Sunday excursions to Ikea, long summer conversations, renovations, children’s education. The stories in this book are sometimes historical, sometimes personal; they recount moments of pain or compassion that help show how to be a perfect husband.

What a young husband should know was written by Martine Delvaux, Heather O’Neill, Rose-AimĂ©e Automne T. Morin, Patrick Watson, Coco Belliveau, StĂ©phanie Boulay, Stella AdjokĂȘ, Ariane Lessard, Martina Chumova, Mikella Nicol, Roseline Lambert, Lili Boisvert, JolĂšne Ruest, LĂ©a StrĂ©liski, Simon Boulerice, VĂ©ronique Grenier, MĂ©lodie Nelson and Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch. Published by Marchand de Feuilles, this 224-page book will be available in bookstores for $25.95 as of Thursday, August 12, 2021.

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