An important lesson to be learnt in life is that you cannot outrun your past. That is probably the only plus you can take out of this James Crow (Black Creek, House of Salem) directed film. Not being harsh, rather a realist. As the saying goes you cannot make a purse out of a sow’s ear.

Former crime boss John Morgan (Billy Murray – from television’s EastEnders) is attempting to leave his former life behind. He has the best of intentions, but it is difficult from the get go and in the end, impossible. Even living a pseudo retired life in Turkey does not protect him from the man he used to be.

He returns to London to attend a charity fundraiser. Once back the proverbial walls close in on him. At the event he comes face to face with a former rival in hard drinking Detective Frank Conway (Nick Moran – Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1).

The starting point of any film is the story and subsequent script. Here Adam Stephen Kelly (Kill Kane) and Jonathan Sothcott (Pentagram) have turned in what I hope is not an example of their best work. It is nothing short of a disaster. Not really a complete, coherent body of work, rather it feels like a bunch of scenes stitched together. A flow is never established. Sounding the death knell for Nemesis.

All the problems here cannot be heaped upon the writers, though. There is enough blame to go around. Director Crow does nothing to help the matter out. His film is choppy and cliche laden. Even when it comes to an attempt at a twist for the last third. The dull action film now switches gears in an attempt at a thriller. A home invasion is thrown against the wall though viewers will quickly realize that will not stick either. Things got so bad I began to wonder if Crow’s goal here was to make a gangster satire film. Nah, even the few laughs you get are obviously unintentional.