Set in Ireland, this is a fun, high-paced film about revenge. Young and different, Pixie (played by Olivia Cooke) wants to avenge the death of her mother. It is the primary thing she is driven by. In order to accomplish this she decides on committing a robbery which will give her the money she needs to leave her small town. A woman with a plan.

Not all plans end up working out as this one proves. As a result, Pixie is forced to team up with a pair of guys who are seemingly not capable of what is required of them. They are on the run from a group of professional criminals. Twist is this group of criminals is made up of priests and nuns. Not typical, but nothing in Pixie’s life is typical as opposed to what she might think. The holy gangsters are led by Father McGrath (played by Alec Guinness). So the three rag tag wannabe criminals are on the run.

What ensues are thrills and laughs. Plenty of scenes across the beautiful country of Ireland as they attempt to stay ahead of the trouble. Let the scheming and double crossing begin.

Genres within the film world sometimes get stale and it seems like there are no longer any original ideas. Then when a film comes along which is quirky and different and it is like we are thrown for a loop. Criticizing it for the audacity to try something new. This is kinda what happened with Pixie. A small film which tries to change up the usual crime film tropes.

The film might remind some of an attempt at replicating the strange, but dark humour laden crime films which Guy Richie based his career on. It does attempt the witty repartee and helter skelter action but at times it does miss the mark. Widely. Still give it props for trying. For going out on a limb to try something a little different. Some of the acting from the cast is also hit and miss, but the visuals are great. Sometimes it seems like this is a tourism pitch for the country. Meaning that whatever failings the film has they are made up by the pluses. Just give it a chance and sink in for the winding ride.

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