Saved Rounds

The price that soldiers pay. The horrors of war we ask them to go through. It is no wonder they come back not able to forget what they have gone through or seen and have trouble readjusting to civilian life. All kinds of mental health issues ensue.

Doc (Doc Farrow – from television’s Young Sheldon) is an Iraqi veteran. Since his return, he has suffered from survivor’s guilt after many of his team died. Those fallen Marines haunt him as they come to him in visions. To cope with that and those feelings he has turned to alcohol. Being an abrasive alcoholic has not made him a popular guy.

He and a woman named Laurie (Deborah Leonhardt – appeared in an episode of Fresh Off the Boat) are driving to bring something to the family of his deceased fellow Marine. The one whose ghost keeps appearing to him. Doc is looking for peace and hopes doing this will bring him some.

This short film obviously comes from the heart. Both director John Finn (directed two episodes of televison’s Cold Case) and lead actor Doc Farrow are veterans. Finn fought in Vietnam while Farrow served for six years with 16 months in the war with Iraq. The story here is based on Doc Farrow’s experiences. Tries to show that even through pain and sadness, if you keep hold of hope, there will always be light in life. As well it touches upon issues such as PTSD, understanding, how mental health affects those close to you, and loss.

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