Rising Wolf

A really bizarre film with an intriguing idea behind it. But it is not pulled together in the end. It just feels all disjointed. Like director/co-screenwriter Antaine Furlong (first feature film) did not truly know where he was going here.

Aria Wolf (Charlotte Best) is a young environmentalist who finds herself being held in an elevator in Shanghai. She wakes up and finds herself in an elevator of a high-rise building. Frightened and not really understanding why, she soon realizes it has to do with her father, Richard (Jonny Pasvolsky – Macbeth – 2006). He is being held by a Russian man, Yaroslav (Alex Menglet), and being tortured for information. Information which he believes that Aria knows.

Things are totally out of control. No matter how she tries, Aria cannot escape her situation. No way out. This is going to test her and allow for the discoveries of abilities she never knew she had.

The attempt here is to be a stylistic thriller but it is way off the mark. Because of the silliness and lack of sense of what is going even the hostage situation is rendered impotent. Not scary. Just confusing.

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