Baby Money @ Fantasia Film Festival

A duo of directors brings this film to the Fantasia Film Festival. Mikhael Bassilli (first feature film) and Luc Walpoth (first feature film) have forged a robbery turned home invasion film which attempts to pack a lot into its just over 90 minute run time.

An unplanned pregnancy for young couple Minny (Danay Garcia – from television’s Fear the Walking Dead) and Gil Michael Drayer – from television’s Mr. Robot) puts pressure on them as they realize that having a baby will be expensive and they do not have the requisite money.

So once they decide to keep the baby their next problem is how to get their hands on some quick cash. The way they are going to do that is not exactly legal. Gil has been brought in on a quick break-in job with Tony (Travis Hammer – appeared in episodes of Ray Donovan and Westworld) and Dom (Joey Kern – appeared in episodes of Sex and the City and Key and Peele). Unfortunately, the job does not go as planned. Tony is shot and Gil and Dom are on the run, looking for a place to hide out for the police.

They stumble upon the house of nurse Heidi (Taja V. Simpson – appeared in episodes of Lethal Weapon and Grey’s Anatomy) and her son, Chris (Vernon Taylor III – first feature film). It is a hostage situation with Gil wanting to just get away without any more bloodshed. For Dom, it is a different story. Minny is going to be called in for help with all being desperate people in desperate situations.

Plenty of suspense is afforded by the pace of the film. Bassilli and Walpoth seem to understand that their film hinges upon keeping the pace which will bring up the level of tension. The cast is good at portraying the rather relatable characters. Which helps out the obviously low budget of the film. Nothing really fancy or special goes on. Meaning you kinda know what is going to go on and yet are still entertained. Nothing revolutionary in this crime thriller but still results in a decent film.