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Directed and written by:  Haya Waseem
Starring:  Arooj AzeemAshir AzeemBushra Ashir Azeem

The debut feature from writer-director Haya Waseem explores the life of a young woman of colour navigating love, heartbreak, and family turmoil.

The Middle Man
Special Presentations

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Directed by:  Bent Hamer
Written by: Lars Saabye ChristensenBent Hamer
Starring:  Don McKellarKenneth WelshPaul Gross

In a town plagued by disaster, one man holds the job of breaking the worst news to its citizens, in director Bent Hamer’s latest oddball comedy.

Kicking Blood
Contemporary World Cinema

Blaine Thurier’s sultry, perma-stoned, ultra-modern spin on the vampire genre evokes cult-horror figures like George A. Romero and Stuart Gordon.


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Directed and written by:  Evan Jackson Leong
Starring:  Sung Kang, Devon DiepCelia Au

A woman rises through the ranks of the gang that smuggled her into New York City, in Evan Jackson Leong’s fact-based debut feature.