A long-popular action drama sprinkled with plenty of the human element and even a touch of humour. NCIS, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, centered on a team that works together in Washington, D.C. on often complex cases involving spying, murder, theft, and terrorism. The team is under Director Leon Vance (played by Rockey Carroll) and headed by Special Agent Jethro Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon), a man of few words but strong morals.

Eighteen seasons in you would have to say that there are precious few new tricks that this old dog can present to television watchers. Despite this, it still remains a top-rated drama that is still one of the most-watched shows on CBS. It has kept on ticking. The procedural has begun season eighteen by going back one year and continuing a storyline started in the previous season. These episodes will feature a slow burner-type tempo, so bring your patience.

Many of the storylines are rather predictable. A case arises followed by some tricky moments for the team then one of the above average members features to crack the case. But if you have been a fan for the previous seventeenth season then you will come back for more as it is like going to your favourite restaurant and ordering your usual dish.

Special Features:

-Audio and Video Commentary

-Until We Meet Again

-Grab Your Gear and Wash Your Hands

-400: A League of its Own

-Season 18: A Year to Remember