Finny McConnell – The Dark Streets of Love

Out September 3rd via True North Records, The Dark Streets of Love is the latest album by Finny McConnell. McConnell will be familiar to some as the lead singer of the Celtic punk band The Mahones. After releasing 20 albums with them, this is his first solo effort.

Finny McConnell is now living in Kingston, Ontario, but was born in Dublin, Ireland. What this album allows is a peek into the man behind the music. Which is done via the songs here. Filled with personal moments and lyrics, it is an album that travels the often bumpy roads of the human condition by covering love, loss, grief, and resilience.

A combination of covers and originals, it is a rather intimate sounding body of work. The highlight of the originals or what comes through right away on these tracks is his songwriting acumen. The guy knows how to string words together and then set them to music. Emotions involved are front and centre. Even on the covers you can hear and, as such, feel the love he has for these songs. Songs previously recorded by Tragically Hip, Bruce Springsteen, Shane McGowen, and Lou Reed. All this results in rather raw, minimalist songs which reach out to grab your heart and soul.


1.Atlantic City
2.Someone Save Me
3.Stars (Oscar Wilde)
4.A Pair of Brown Eyes
5.New York City
6.So Far Away
7.Pale Blue Eyes
8.We’re Miles Apart
9.Cocktail Blues
10.Fiddlers Green (For Gord)
11.Back Home (Acoustic)