BANKS is back with “Skinnydipped,” serving as the follow up to her critically acclaimed summer single, “The Devil.” Written and co-produced by the artist herself, the single is paired with an exquisite official music video, co-directed by BANKS and Michael Stine, featuring BVLGARI’s iconic Serpenti Viper and Serpenti Highjewelry collections. Modern yet timeless, the serpent theme is completed with this exciting new collaboration; the serpent, a recurring symbol through-out this new body of work, as she explores the intricacies of power, seduction and self-worth.

Speaking about the song and inspiration behind the accompanying video, BANKS reveals, “Skinnydipped is a song about finally letting go of something that you’ve gone back to many times before. It’s about knowing your worth and shedding your skin, as symbolized by snakes and of course, the Serpenti jewelry throughout. The video is meant to portray women as divine creatures, wild in their natural habitat, untouched by society’s constructs, and BVLGARI immediately came to mind as a collaborator.”

“The sirens are magical, empowered, at peace and connected to one another. Celebrating sisterhood and women at all different stages. It was a really special moment for me to be able to direct this video with all of my best friends portraying the goddesses I see them to be. My friend Jaclynn, who plays one of the sirens, recently gave birth. Having her holding her beautiful daughter Benny in this video is a gift. The video Is about owning who you are, letting go of the past, and feeling proud at your purest form, naked and in nature.” 

Discussing her collaboration with BVLGARIBANKS adds, “The BVLGARI Serpenti line is a dream collaboration for me. Being able to wear these incredibly beautiful and elaborate pieces of art representing snakes made me feel even more connected to the message of my own song. Snakes represent rebirth and shedding one’s skin which is what Skinnydipped is about and what the Serpenti collection is based upon. A woman who wears this collection feels dangerously powerful. A woman who is in tune with her natural-born divinity.”

Earlier this year, BANKS embarked on her new era with ‘The Devil,’ also written and co-produced by the American born artist, hailed by VOGUE as a “a playful new direction for Banks,” with Rolling Stone calling it “spine-tingling.” The jaw-dropping official music video for “The Devil,” which she creatively directed and co-directed, alongside Jenna Marsh was visually inspired by Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula, and the black comedy classic Death Becomes Her (both released in 1992). Elaborating on the concept, BANKS explains, “this video represents the twisted, surreal, and playful world that I exist in as the devil. No demon can touch me as I am not tempted by their charm. Give me a rose and I’ll eat it. In this world, I hypnotize and stuff every demon in a box while I dance, fly, and play with my devil sisters. Someone write my new name down.” Watch the captivating music video for ‘The Devil’ HERE.

Marking an exciting new chapter in an already illustrious career, BANKS is releasing music independently for the first time (via AWAL), as well as co-producing every track. Speaking exclusively to VOGUE’s Liam Hess (read HERE), the platinum-selling artist has revealed this is the first taste of what’s to come in 2021 following a year of intense isolation during lock-down, a traumatic break-up and some serious mind-and-body wake-up calls. She reveals, “The devil is about being stronger than the demons that haunt you. About rebirth and transformation into the forces of nature we were born to be.”

Since her spellbinding debut in 2014, BANKS has garnered more than 1.4 billion combined streams and headlined sold out shows and festivals all over the world. Now, with a dedicated global army of fans, and a powerful body of work under her belt, the California-born artist, producer, songwriter and poet is declaring her independence once and for all, as she embarks on this new and empowering era of her musical career and personal life.

“Skinnydipped” is available everywhere now.