A musical set in New York City in 1929 against the backdrop of the gangster world. Now that does not seem too odd, does it? A curveball comes in the form of all the roles being played by child actors. You get a young Jodie Foster and Scott Baio. The talent of the young cast along with the good songs by Paul Williams and able direction, in his first feature length film, by Alan Parker, who would go on to make other musical films like Evita and The Commitments, makes this a surprisingly watchable film.

A story that focuses on the rise of gangster Bugsy Malone (played by Scott Baio) and the fight for power in this world between Fat Sam (played by John Cassisi) and Dandy Dan (played by Martin Lev). It is a world filled with crime, guns, showgirls, and people with big dreams.

The young cast does not actually do the singing here; they just lip synch to the vocals provided by adults. As you can tell much about the film is quite clever or inventive. Instead of the young actors carrying real guns the gangsters use splurge guns which cover their targets with whipped cream. A fast-paced and fun film which was set in an adult world but aimed at a younger audience.

A satire of the whole gangster film genre, this is the first time the 1976 film is available on blu-ray.

Special Features:

  • NEW Give a Little Love: Paul Williams on Bugsy Malone
  • NEW Filmmaker Focus: Executive producer David Puttnam on Bugsy Malone
  • Theatrical Trailers