Danny Boy

Two criminals of the lower-end variety are on their way to committing a robbery. Things are a little different for them as their mutual friend, Stevie B, is missing. Though they are working together it is obvious from the get-go that these are two very different men.

Francis (Samuel Evan Horowitz – appeared in episodes of SEAL Team and Chicago P.D.) is an old school type of criminal whereas Danny (Jett Jansen – appeared in episodes of The Book Club and Teen Wolf) is more one of today’s world. While casing out the site of their planned robbery job and sitting in a car, the two get into a discussion. Subjects that are brought up include homosexuality. Each of the men definitely has a different opinion on the topic.

The job which they believe to be a sure thing is put in jeopardy because of their differences on important issues. This jeopardy not only includes pulling the job off successfully but also their own safety.

Definitely not your one-dimensional crime film, this 12-minute short film directed by Cory DeMeyers (first short film) takes a different route to a usual ending. Most of the film happens in a car on a dark night and involves the two engaging in a dialogue. Despite this lack of your typical action which goes along with this type of film, DeMeyers and the two actors keep the viewer engaged. Aided in this by some strong work by the cinematographer Deangelo Harding, the film looks great despite the dark environment.

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