Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD) have announced that they will release “Souvenir,” “Joan Of Arc,” and “Maid Of Orleans,” the international hit singles from their 1981 album, Architecture and Morality, on 12″ vinyl on October 15th on UMe. The announcement follows their incredible “You Me & OMD” Livestream at London’s Indigo at The O2.

Released in 1981, Architecture & Morality was OMD’s third genre-defying studio album. Its iconic use of the Mellotron and choral samples resulted in international critical acclaim and has sold over four million copies worldwide. The three singles from the album, “Souvenir,” “Joan Of Arc,” and “Maid Of Orleans,” all reached the top 5 in the UK singles chart and sold a total of eight million copies combined. It was an album that further solidified OMD as the Kings of the synth-pop world.

“The success of Architecture and Morality took us all by surprise,” Andy McCluskey commented. “Once again, we had followed our raison d’être of changing musical style, but we seemed to have really hit upon a sound that resonated with a wide audience. The three singles’ Souvenir’, ‘Joan of Arc,’ and ‘Maid of Orleans’ all went top five in the UK. To this day, they remain the “Holy Trinity” in the middle of our live stage performances, and the audience reaction is always rapturous.”

Now, for the first time, the band will release the hits as three 12″ singles on 45 rpm colored vinyl. The vinyl contains a triple gatefold sleeve, silver-board & emboss detail, and a download card and is available to pre-order now from HERE.

Strap in and prepare for nothing but the best from a band who are unquestionably still at the very top of their game.


Single 1: Souvenir (Side A)


Motion & Heart (Amazon Version)

Sacred Heart

Single 1: Souvenir (Side B)

Souvenir (Demo)

Choir Song (Rough Mix)

Motion & Heart (Live at Drury Lane, 1981)

Single 2: Joan Of Arc (Side A)

Joan Of Arc

The Romance Of The Telescope (Unfinished)

Joan Of Arc (Live at Drury Lane, 1981)

Single 2: Joan Of Arc (Side B)

Joan Of Arc (Rough Mix)

New Song (Georgia Demo)

She’s Leaving (Demo)

Single 3: Maid Of Orleans (Side A)

Maid of Orleans (The Waltz Joan of Arc)


Sealand (Demo)

Single 3: Maid Of Orleans (Side B)


Maid of Orleans (Demo)

Joan Of Arc (Maid of Orleans) (Live at Drury Lane, 1981)