The Fatal Raid – Blu-ray Edition

Classic Hong Kong action film. There is nothing like it. While sometimes the acting and story won’t be great you can almost always be sure that the action/fight sequences will be worth the watch. This Hong Kong film features women at the forefront. Front and center during the fights. Girls with Guns is a popular subgenre of the Hong Kong film industry.

Twenty years ago a cops versus gangsters showdown happened leaving plenty of dead in its wake. Now, today a surviving member Madam Fong (Jade Leung – Black Cat, Spider Woman) leads a new all-female team against a group that has been terrorizing Macau. The survivors of the original fight are brought back together in a reunion that is less than comfortable.

Gunfights is the raison d’etre here. They come fast and furious and last a long time. If you like them then you will be the human version of a pig in poop. However, that is where the fun ends. Mostly because this is a film that really doesn’t know which direction it wants to go in. I mean, this is all set up to be a fun, light on story kick-ass action film. A case of taking itself a lot too seriously. I was not along for that ride. Because there is no depth to sink your teeth into. Director Jacky Lee (Lives in Flames) has a kind of bipolar film on his hands and does not seem to know what to do with it. A shame really. He should have really just jumped in feet first with the girls with guns idea instead of thinking it wasn’t enough to keep the audience interested. Instead, the film misses the mark and drowns in a murky middle world.

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