What we have here is a niche film. Meaning it will take a certain kind of viewer to be willing to sit through a film of this sort. The Land of Owls takes place in the Catskill Mountains at a couples retreat where they are there to work on their relationships. So it is a rather slow burner before we really learn what is going on. Patience is the name of the game. If you are not willing then you might find it too tedious.

Two young couples from Brooklyn are in upstate New York at a retreat to work on the problems in their relationships. In this more isolated environment than these city folks are used to they are being pushed to become more honest, transparent and vulnerable by the leader (Jasmin Walker – appeared in episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and The Blacklist). The four people involved are obviously uncomfortable at the beginning, not used to communicating so openly. Even with the person they are in love with. That has to be done if the relationships are going to be saved.

Watching people engage in a lot of dialogue and do things like yoga is not every film viewer’s cup of tea. You definitely have to like smaller indie films here. There are a lot of scenes with the couples just talking about their feelings and what they are wanting from their relationships. While you do get some intimate moments and even a quick (and ultimately frustrating) sex scene there is not a whole lot of action happening.

Visually there is definitely a whole vibe going on here. The couples are in a uniform that looks kinda like all-white pyjamas.

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