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Spotlight on Ignacio Agüero

With a career spanning over thirty years, Ignacio Agüero is one of the leading chroniclers of Chilean life during and after the Pinochet regime. With several films banned during Pinochet’s reign, his work presents a unique opportunity to understand Chile’s past, present and future. On the eve of the Chilean coup’s anniversary, we are honored to present eleven films from this master filmmaker.


100 Children Waiting for a Train
100 Children Waiting for a Train poetically tells the story of a group of Chilean children who discover a larger reality – and a different world – through cinema. “Gracefully photographed and simply produced, the documentary captures the wonder of discovery as these children’s imaginations are tickled with celluloid magic and caring attention.” —In These Times

  •  Winner, Best Documentary, Havana Film Festival
  •  Winner, Best Documentary, OCIC Award, Cartagena Film Festival

I Never Climbed the Provincia
 A 10-story building is built 127 meters from the filmmaker Ignacio Agüero’s house. Before, he could film the Andes from the roof of his home. Now, the building stands in his way. One day, Agüero decides to meet those who live in the building, find out who they are, where they come from and why they are there. Wanting to know about the movements and histories of his neighbors sparks an interest in his own movements and history. 

  •  Winner, Grand Prix, International Film Festival Marseille
  •  Winner, Best Latin American Film, Mar del Plata Film Festival

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On This Side of the World
A Film by David Trueba
On This Side of the World is a deep and global look at migrations, borders and the most insurmountable walls erected by mankind.

Alberto, a dull and indolent engineer, is fired from his company just as he plans to buy a house with his girlfriend and become parents. To cover it up, he decides to accept an assignment from his former boss to travel to the city of Melilla, a Spanish enclave in North Africa and gate to Europe.

Alberto must renovate, underhand, the system of fences that not only separates one piece of land from another, a city from a country, but two universes in eternal collision: those who want to enter and those who prevent them from doing so.