Legendary Polish sci-fi author Stanisław Lem is best known for his visionary, genre-changing Solaris, famously adapted by Andrei Tarkovsky for his masterpiece of the same name. Marking his centennial, we’re looking back at four key Lem adaptations–by Ari Folman (The Congress), György Pálfi (His Master’s Voice), Andrzej Wajda (Roly Poly), and Stephen Quay & Timothy Quay (Maska)–and celebrating a body of work that continues to illuminate. Two additional titles will screen in November: Marek Piestrak’s Pilot Pirx’s Inquest and Edward Zebrowski’s Hotel of the Transfiguration

The Congress – September 12 
Robin Wright, in a fictionalized version of herself, receives an offer from a film production company to create an animated digital avatar, while her alias can be freely exploited in all films the studio produces. For 20 years she disappears to return as guest of honor at a convention,  transformed by the world of fantastical appearances, in this visionary adaptation of Lem’s The Futurological Congress, by Ari Folman (Waltz with Bashir.)

His Master’s Voice – September 13
A Hungarian journalist begins a journey to the United States in the hopes of finding his own father, a scientist who went missing in the 1970s, while working on a top secret military research project that examined ‘voices’ from outer space.

Roly Poly – September 14
The story of a race car driver who undergoes so many face transplants that it can no longer be determined which people have contributed to appearance.

Maska –  September 17
Constructed limb for limb and programmed to kill, a deadly automaton questions her maker in this stop motion animated film by the groundbreaking Quay Brothers.