Following the December 2020 release of Volume 1 of their acoustic EP You’ll Never Break Us: Separation Sessions, multiple JUNO-nominated Canadian metal heavyweights Cancer Bats are thrilled to announce the release of Volume 2 for September 14, 2021 via Bat Skull Records/New Damage Records. The second installment of the You’ll Never Break Us: Separation Sessions EP features 5 new acoustic renditions of classic Cancer Bats tracks including a moody, groove heavy acoustic arrangement of 2008’s “Hail Destroyer”, now titled “Hail The Acoustic Destroyer”, that features a hauntingly beautiful guest vocal performance from Lindsay Schoolcraft (former Cradle of Filth keyboardist and backing vocalist).

Alongside their new take on “Hail Destroyer”, “You’ll Never Break Us: Separation Sessions Vol. 2 also features a must-hear country-tinged version of “Bricks and Mortar” with Jaye Schwarzer on banjo and guitars and a guest appearance by Toronto-based songwriter Eamon McGrath on the Mandolin, a gloomy southern rock-vibed version of “Pneumonia Hawk”, a gritty, gloomy new version of “RATS” and an acoustically hard-hitting version of “Winterpeg”. Following in Volume 1’s footsteps, the 5 songs that makeup Volume 2 really see the band experimenting with different vocal melodies, guitar variations, new rhythms and new instrumentation breathing new life into some of Cancer Bats’ most beloved songs.
“After we released the first EP the reaction was so positive and great. So many people reached out saying they loved these new versions, that we felt really inspired to work on more songs and try more ideas,” shares Cormier.  “Jaye led the charge picking up his guitar and sending tons of ideas for us all to run with and the second round we had a bit better idea of what we were doing, and especially for me in terms of how to even sing these songs. Everything came together quickly and Vol 2 was tons of fun to make!”
You’ll Never Break Us: Separation Sessions Vol. 2 will be available on all DSP’s on September 14 through Bat Skull Records in collaboration with New Damage Records. All proceeds raised via the band’s Bandcamp, as well as, a portion of the proceeds from shirt sales will be donated to Water First NGO, an organization that helps to train interns in water purification in order to help their communities have access to clean drinking water.