Barney Bentall and Geoffrey Kelly are veteran musicians. Not only that, they are both multi-award winners and have sold a ton of albums. So joining forces really makes music fans, especially Canadian ones, sit up and take notice. Bentall you know from Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts while Kelly is part of Spirit of the West as well has performed as part of Irish Rovers and the Paperboys. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the two, who have been friends for decades, met up at Bentall’s ranch in B.C. During this time the idea and then music for the album came to be. It was as natural/organic as it sounds.

What was different for the two in the writing of the songs for the album was that they did not sweat over the lyrics. Instead, they decided to focus on the sound of it. Experimenting with the way they played their guitars ensued. The result is a beautiful, complex and layered sound. Guaranteed to delight your ears. Melodies that will envelop you and take you on a curated journey.

The 12 songs found on the album have been dubbed “Cinematic Canadiana”. It features acoustic Americana, traditional folk and New-Grass sounds. All songs are written and produced by the duo along with a little help on the writing of one track from Trixie Berkel and production by John Raham.