Arkells Release Highly Anticipated Studio Album ‘Blink Once’

Photograph by Nathan Nash

Art by Kizmet

Arkells have released their brand new album, Blink Once.

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Blink Once is about resilience. It’s about grieving with loss and fall outs and finding your way back. The making of the album began before the pandemic, but the material seems to hit harder after everything we’ve been through over the past 18 months. These songs are about finding comfort in your family, community and music.

– frontman Max Kerman.

Blink Once, a bi-coastal project which was recorded in Los Angeles and completed in Toronto, includes current hit single, “You Can Get It” featuring K.Flay, which charted in the #1 spot at Canadian Alternative Radio for 4 weeks and is their fifth #1 at the format. “You Can Get It” was prominently featured in the E3 launch of the Forza Horizon 5 video game trailer this summer. Blink Once also includes #1 track “Years In The Making,” “One Thing I Know,” “Swing Swing Swing,” “Strong,” as well as “All Roads,” which serves as the soundtrack to #TogetherAgain, a national vaccine awareness PSA to combat vaccine hesitancy. 

Cover art designed by Arkells guitarist, Mike DeAngelis

1. Liberation 

2. You Can Get It (ft. K.Flay) 

3. All Roads 

4. Strong 

5. One Thing I Know 

6. Truce 

7. Nobody Gets Me Like You Do 

8. Swing Swing Swing
9. No Regrets 

10. Years In The Making 

11. Arm In Arm

About Arkells

Hailed by The Globe and Mail as the right kind of band for this decade, Arkells are widely considered one of the most passionate, exuberant and in-demand live bands working today. As radio mainstays, sports-sync shoe-ins and curious students of culture, Arkells have remained ever-present – building awareness and personal community experiences around their live shows and new music at every turn. The most emblematic example of this being The Rally, Arkells hometown concert that was hailed as one of the biggest headline shows in the country, and is slated to return in 2022. On the heels of three #1 singles, Arkells continue to unleash new music and tour dates as the band and their fans return to live in-person festivities. Their hotly anticipated new album, Blink Once, releases globally September 30th


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