The New York Times Announces Climate Hub Program, Glasgow November 3-11

As world leaders gather in Glasgow for COP26, The New York Times is bringing together citizens, scientists, inventors, academics, delegates, and journalists to answer the most urgent question of our time: How do we adapt and thrive on a changing planet?

The New York Times has announced the full program line-up for The New York Times Climate Hub, nine days of ideas to remake our future, led by New York Times journalism. The event will take place in person and online, from Nov. 3⁠–⁠11, 2021.

The program will feature more than 70 events, including panel discussions, workshops, community-curated sessions, and film screenings. Sessions will help participants follow COP26 negotiations, explore the future of biodiversity, understand their personal e-commerce footprint, hear from climate justice advocates, and debate the role of democracy in climate action.

Audiences can tune into live journalism from The New York Times, experience Es Devlin’s immersive Conference of the Trees, watch film screenings from WaterBear and more.