On November 4, 6 & 7, Les Scènes de musique alternative du Québec (SMAQ) will present three hybrid concerts at two of its member venues – Ausgang Plaza and Cabaret Lion d’Or – with staging by Pestacle.

As part of the Coup de coeur francophone festival, which presents francophone artists, Les SMAQ will showcase 6 acts while highlighting the hard-hit independent venues still suffering from the pandemic.

This series will mark the official launch of the Les SMAQ’s crowdfunding campaign #SoutenezVosScènes (#SupportYourVenues) which will run via the platform La Ruche. The campaign will allow the public to directly support their favorite quebecois venues.

The series will kick off at Ausgang Plaza with colorful performances by Titelaine and Beat Sexü on November 4. Les Soirées SMAQ will continue at Cabaret Lion d’Or  with the talented Mara Tremblay and Laura Niquay on November 6. Finally, the psych-pop act Vanille and the enigmatic band Elephant Stone will play at Ausgang Plaza on November 7.

In-person tickets (limited space) are on sale via Lepointdevente.com from 20$ (plus taxes and fees). Les Soirées SMAQ will also offer the chance to attend the shows virtually. These are the only concerts at the Coup de coeur Francophone festival that will be live-streamed. It will be possible to watch the performances in the comfort of your living room by purchasing a $10 ticket (plus taxes and fees). Join the #SupportYourVenues solidarity movement and help support independent performance venues! They need you!

Titelaine + Beat Sexü  | November 4th, 2021 | Ausgang Plaza 

  • Titelaine | The electro-pop duo embodies the naivety of pastel colours and the nostalgia of a summer evening. Their dancing, luminous and airy music carries notes of Flume, Kaytranada and Dua Lipa.
  • Beat Sexü | Beat Sexü evolves with panache, constantly pushing its own limits. Initially inclined towards a groovy funk, the trio also explores jazz fusion, afrobeat and disco on Second Chance, their most recent EP released last year.

Laura Niquay + Mara Tremblay | November 6th, 2021 | Cabaret Lion d’Or

  • Laura Niquay | Born in the small community of Wemotaci in Mauricie, Laura Niquay composes her own songs on guitar and sings in her native language, Atikamekw. On stage, she puts forward her unifying charisma, that of a nomad well anchored in her time.

Mara Tremblay Uniquement pour toi, Mara Tremblay’s eighth album, is a powerful blend of dream pop, electro and space rock, in which she tackles diverse subjects like travel, nature, love, dignity, and mental health.

Vanille + Elephant Stone | November 7th, 2021 | Ausgang Plaza

  • Vanille | Vanille’s melancholic, dreamy landscapes recall 1960s pop, but with an intuitive, lush aesthetic more reminiscent of the 1990s. Soleil ’96, their debut album, was warmly received by critics when it came out earlier this year.
  • Elephant Stone | Elephant Stone is a true crossbreed between pop, psychedelic rock and traditional Indian music. The group formed more than 12 years ago has amassed legions of fans across multiple continents.