The film MA ZOÉ will be in cinemas on October 22 in its original version with French subtitles and in the English version. Directed by Julie Delpy (Two Days in Paris), who also is in the lead role, this drama stars Richard Armitage (MI-5), Daniel Brühl (Captain America: Civil War) and Gemma Arterton. Presented at the Toronto Film Festival in 2019, MA ZOÉ brings to the screen the unconditional love that a mother can have for her child.

After her divorce, Isabelle, a geneticist, tries to get her life back in order. She falls in love and decides to relaunch her career. But her ex-husband, James, finds it hard to accept this and makes her life difficult in the battle he leads to obtain custody of their daughter Zoe. A tragedy strikes them and the family is shattered. Isabelle then decides to take fate in hand.

For her 9th feature film, Julie Delpy drew on her personal story when writing the screenplay. In MA ZOÉ, the director pays tribute to the candor of childhood, but also to the strength of a mother through an emotional story.