In 1982 48 Hrs. was released and enjoyed success, so they brought back Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte to try to cash in on that. It is of the vein of the acton-buddy comedies that were very popular in the 1980s and in which Murphy starred in a bunch of them.

Reggie (played by Eddie Murphy) is now out of jail after serving the remaining five years on his robbery sentence. Once he is out Jack Cates (played by Nick Nolte), who is having his own troubles, enlists him yet again. This time it is to try and apprehend a drug lord in San Francisco known as The Iceman.

Not stretching itself in the least to be more than its simple buddy action-comedy premise is what ultimately brings this film down. It is like an attempt to rest on laurels that were never really there. Watching you feel like very little effort was put in to make it better. The formula is followed and there are no deviations.

Despite this rather serious flaw (or one of the deadly sins – sloth) I still was never bored watching it. I mean, this was the heyday for Eddie Murphy and he could do roles like this in his sleep. And he and Nolte together are good.

Special Features:

  • NEW Filmmaker Focus: Director Walter Hill on ANOTHER 48 HRS. 
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