A mishmash of genres can be very interesting. Here you get a period piece (Victorian England) mixed with supernatural stuff. Could be interesting to see the stiff upper lips of the Brits of that period mixed with the unknown/feared/scary. In the end, the women involved in the storyline are trying to rescue the world from evil enemies like many have done before and, I am sure, will continue to do so in the future.

Set at the very end of the 19th century in England some strange is going on. A supernatural occurrence has taken place. Almost exclusively women seem to have been affected by it. By affected, I mean in a good way. Or some would see it that way. The affected people now have incredible abilities they never had before. These abilities vary from person to person. Once an awareness of these abilities surfaces those affected have to be protected as there are those who wish to wipe them out.

Visually excellent. A solid storyline. Often melodic script. And great acting from the cast. All these things add up to a Show which should attract fantasy and sci-fi fans as well, because of the quality, fans of intelligent and entertaining series. I mention the intelligence of it because it is not something you can watch with one eye. You have to pay attention as it is quite dense. There is plenty going on.

Part one of season one is comprised of six episodes with episodes 7 to 12 coming in part two, I presume. A product of the usually excellent HBO which is highly bingeable. You will be craving the next six episodes.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

  • A Touch of Power: The Themes Behind The Nevers
  • Accustomed to the Impossible: The Making of The Nevers
  • Introducing The Nevers ( Featurette )
  • A New Age of Power ( Featurette )
  • Character Portrait:Amalia True ( Featurette )
  • Character Portrait:Penance Adair ( Featurette )
  • Character Portrait:Mary Brighton ( Featurette )
  • Character Portrait: Annie Bonfire ( Featurette )
  • Creating The Nevers: A Night at the Opera ( Featurette )
  • Creating The Nevers: A Charitable Event ( Featurette )
  • Creating The Nevers: Walking on Water ( Featurette )
  • Character Portrait: Detective Frank Mundi ( Featurette )
  • Character Portrait: Augie Bidlow & Hugo Swann ( Featurette )
  • Villains of The Nevers ( Featurette )
  • Creating The Nevers: Confrontation and Translation ( Featurette )
  • Creating The Nevers: Shock and Awe
  • Creating The Nevers: Telling Time
  • The Craft: Editor, Lisa Lassek
  • The Craft: VFX Supervisor, Johnny Han
  • The Craft: Director, Zetna Fuentes