A thriller with a fiery twist, Uzo Oleh’s film is under consideration for both a BAFTA and an Oscar nomination. Oleh is an interesting director with an eye-catching visual style while at the same time being able to juggle the depiction of plenty of emotion without allowing his films to become muddled. He has plenty of experience as he has worked in fashion and videos with Lady Gaga, Cara Delavigne and Idris Elba. That sense of self-asuredness comes out in Edicius.

Being in his 30s and a lawyer, Jason (Michael Socha – from television’s Chernobyl) should be on top of the world. But he isn’t. That is due to the way he does his jobs. Always on the lookout for the shortest way to do things, Jason has never met a loophole he hasn’t tried to jump through. As such he has taken on a client who is quite dangerous.

In order to stay alive, Jason begins to realize that the reflection he sees of himself has the ability to keep him alive by being able to see the future. While standing in front of the mirror one day, out of the blue his reflection speaks back to him and then things go even further towards the bizarre when the reflection steps out of the mirror. Who is Jason going to trust? Himself or the reflection? Desperation sets in.

In case you did not realize, Edicius is suicide backwards. So in this film it is meant to represent the idea of bringing yourself back from the dead. Trusting your intuition. Even when you never have before. If you don’t then you will constantly be at war with yourself. It won’t be a comfortable existence. This is all laid out in esoteric way. With some heart pounding moments thrown in to boot.