The Maison Théâtre presents the premiere of Chansons pour le musée, the newest creation of Karine Sauvé

A new wave theatrical concert for everyone from 8 years old and older

October 21-30, 2021

The Maison Théâtre is very pleased to present the premiere of Chansons pour le musée, the new creation of the artist and performer Karine Sauvé. After being the subject of a podcast and an album last winter, Chansons pour le musée will finally be presented in its stage version for all audiences from 8 years old and older. And it is to a crazy theatrical concert, carried by a sensitive story on the reconstruction of oneself and the family, but also on the unsuspected power of art, that they will be invited. 

Rock tours at the museum

Faced with the loneliness she feels after her separation and the break-up of her family cocoon, Karine Pas-Sauvé consults a “psyquelette”, an osteopath of the soul as famous as eccentric. To help her heal from her pain, he prescribes her to go sing for works of art! So she sneaks in at night at the Museum of the Shapeless, the Museum of the Fragile and the Museum of the Stripped….

Accompanied on a colourful stage by the musician Nicolas Letarte-Bersianik, the performer sings with an open heart, deploying a strangely poetic universe. The electro-pop melodies that punctuate Karine Sauvez’s catchy and touching quest are mixed with sometimes crazy sound effects, made live by the performers thanks to synthesizers, microphones, pedals, and other button machines. 

An immersive and unusual creative process

It was during three camping residencies in workshops, alongside works of art, that the designer drew the material for this new and anticipated show. A show that testifies to a personal approach and rarely so free, embracing disciplines and weaving with the spectators an intimacy that moves, invigorates and soothes.

A versatile artist with unbridled poetry, Karine Sauvé creates and brings to the stage interdisciplinary works from plastic and sound materials. Les Grands-Mères Mortes, the first show by the MAMMIFÈRES Company she founded in 2014, was applauded by the public and awarded the prize for best young audience show by the Association québécoise des critiques de théâtre.

Chansons pour le musée


For audiences from 8 years old/From 21 to 30 October 2021

Info and tickets:

A creation by: Karine Sauvé ● Text: Karine Sauvé and David Paquet ● Directed by: Karine Sauvé and Anne-Marie Guilmaine● Interpretation: Nicolas Letarte-Bersianik and Karine Sauvé● Musical and sound design: Nicolas Letarte-Bersianik ● Musical arrangements: Navet Confit, Nicolas Letarte-Bersianik and Karine Sauvé● Scenography and costumes: Julie Vallée-Léger and Karine Sauvé● Costume accomplice: Mélanie Charest ● Lighting: Leticia Hamaoui ● Technical and management department: Gabriel Duquette ● Production Director: Catherine Renaud