To mark its 30th anniversary

To continue the festivities of its 30th anniversary, CISM will launch this fall a vinyl compilation of 11 new tracks as well as a retrospective book published by Ta Mère.

Les chants du 30e, the compilation

With the compilation Les chants du 30e, CISM wants to mark the passing of time – to remember, also to highlight where it is going. Les chants du 30e brings together the pieces of Trois Accords, Bon Enfant, Shreez X Tizzo X Soft, Corridor, Safia Nolin, Laurence-Anne, Brown Family, VICTIM, MUNYA, Joël Martel, and a surprise artist.
The CISM team received some of these artists at Madame Wood studio, others recorded at their own studios. The final product is a representation of the sound horizon of what is broadcast on their airwaves before, now, all the time.” The project intended to tap into what has been formative for the station’s sound, juxtapose it with what defines it now – or even, what it might strive for in the future. But the important thing here is the heart: of that, there is en masse, as much love as dedication. Benoit Poirier, Music Director of CISM

The compilation Les chants du 30e will be available from October 1 online on Bandcamp and in vinyl format at the station (2,332 boul. Édouard-Montpetit) and at the record store Le Vacarme (6,250 Saint-Hubert). 

Il est strictement défendu de boire en studio: 30 ans de bénévolat à CISM with the editions of Ta Mère, a 244-page essay by Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau

Everyone has one (or more) stories related to CISM. Whether it’s the discovery of a favorite artist or the live listening to a moment that explodes the brain, the name La Marge is associated with significant radio moments for the followers of the radio waves of metropolitan Montreal.

With Il est strictement défendu de boire en studio: 30 ans de bénévolat à CISM, discover the stories of the volunteers who forged the station’s history from its beginnings to today. Discover the exclusive confessions of well-known people (Patrice Roy, Marie Plourde, Sébastien Benoit, etc.) and local legends cherished by our listeners (Pascal Jean de Punk pas les nerfs, Jolène Ruest of Critique de crowd, François Richer of Les Mouches Noires, etc.) in this collection hosted by Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau (Etats altérés, on the air since 2009).

“Hello. I am Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau. I’ve been a volunteer at CISM for twelve years. That’s exactly one-third of my life. Just thinking about it, it makes me dizzy. And CISM turned thirty this year. If we add the years during which the station was not broadcast on the FM band, it is even more than that. For the occasion, I decided to go talk to some of the people who, over the decades, have forged the sound of 89.3 FM. People who work there for hours and hours, week after week. Through their individual stories was drawn that of the station. Through their passion, I try to talk about mine. Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau

The latest artifact of CISM’s 30th-anniversary celebrations, Il est strictement défendu de boire en studio: 30 ans de bénévolat à CISM will be published by Éditions de Ta Mère and will be available in bookstores on October 19th.

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