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‘Mockingbird Love’ EP

Robin Guthrie will release ‘Mockingbird Love’, an EP, on October 15th via Soleil Après Minuit. Ahead of the release, the track ‘My Courtesan’ is available to stream and as an instant grat download for anyone ordering directly from the artist via Bandcamp https://robinguthrie.bandcamp.com. Distribution in North America is via Darla and in Europe via Cargo

‘Mockingbird Love’ is the first new music from Guthrie since the ‘Another Flower’ album with the late Harold Budd, released just days before Budd’s passing in December 2020.

“Of late I’ve been very focused on my instrumental music, which is increasingly an intense endeavour, all the more so as I don’t really share it with anyone. So here I am, finally, with some words about my next releases. ‘Mockingbird Love’, a four track EP, is the first small collection of music that I have felt comfortable to release for a while. This is my October,” says Robin Guthrie. 

“‘Mockingbird Love’ is concise, to the point, with a big sound and baritone guitars. But it’s just an appetizer as my November release and subsequent December releases will show. I have everything in production now and, hmmm, what could go wrong?”

The first in a series of releases that Guthrie will be releasing this year, Brooklyn Vegan notes that “it’s a typically gorgeous instrumental, drenched in Guthrie’s signature shimmery layers”.

39 years on from Cocteau Twins‘ debut release ‘Garlands’, Robin Guthrie has certainly been the most prolific member, offering a steady and stellar stream of material over the years. Having formed Violet Indiana with Siobhan de Maré (formerly of Mono) following Cocteau Twins’ dissolution, he has since strongly focused on creating instrumental music, while also releasing collaborative albums with Harold Budd, John Foxx (Ultravox) and Mark Gardener (Ride)

Apart from the film scores for Gregg Araki’s ‘Mysterious Skin’ and ‘White Bird In a Blizzard’, which were co-written with Harold Budd, Guthrie has also scored the film ‘3:19’, Kaboom and the TV series ‘Now Apocalypse’

More recently, Robin produced and mixed the new Heligoland album ‘This Quiet Fire’, as well as creating remixes for artists such as Hatchie, Fawns of Love, Resplandor, UmmagmaUlrich Schnauss, and Tamaryn at his studio in France. ‘Mockingbird Love’ will be released on CD as well as digitally on all major platforms.

Written and performed by Robin Guthrie
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Robin Guthrie
Released by Soleil Après Minuit
Catalogue number SM2105CD
Album cover by Robin Guthrie

TRACK LIST         
01  Copper
02  Eight East
03  In Love and At War
04  My Courtesan

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