Some films are really about their vibe rather than the story, acting or cinematography. Brielle Brilliant’s (first feature film) film (they wrote and directed) is like having a dream. One of those dreams which you have just before you wake up so you feel like it is actually happening. But things are so strange you cannot really explain what happened. You just wake up thinking “what the heck was happening there?” Same reaction I had watching Firstness.

Don’t even preoccupy yourself by trying to figure out what is going on here. You will just drive yourself nuts. Instead, just give in to the way it makes you feel. At the same time, it will make you laugh occasionally.

Single dad Keith (Tim Kinsella – first feature film) is having a tough time of it. He has his own issues and is also dealing with a non-binary child named Tavi (Spencer Jording). While this struggle is going on at home, Tavi is becoming close to an older man (Caleb Cabrera), who has recently been released from jail.

A film which looks at a trio of characters who are at a point in life in which they are dealing with change. Being released from prison or handling bringing up a child on your own. How they react to what life has dealt them. Tied up in that is how these people see themselves versus how society sees them.

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