Lava for Good, the purpose-driven multimedia platform, announces an exciting new slate of podcasts reflecting its commitment to advocacy and impact through storytelling. Lava for Good creates standout original content, podcasts, and experiences, peeling back the surface layers to reveal underlying truths and amplifying the voices of contemporary social justice champions to inspire action towards a more informed, empathic, and just society.

Founded and led by renowned media executive, music industry legend, children’s book author, and justice activist Jason Flom, along with Lava Media COO Jeff Kempler in association with Signal Co. No1, Lava for Good catapulted into the national consciousness with a #1-charting lineup of true crime and social justice podcasts that explore issues such as systemic racism, cash bail, the death penalty, and more. Downloaded over 25 million times, Lava for Good’s podcasts educate and affect change through storytelling. Its shows and the activism they inspire have been credited with influencing exonerations, clemencies, pardons, legislation, and reforms nationwide, raising awareness about the cases of Rodney Reed, Ronnie Long, Julius Jones, and many others.

Building on these accomplishments and awards, including numerous 2021 Webby honors and awards, Lava for Good is proud to announce its upcoming lineup, kicking off October 26 with Virgin Group founder and anti-death penalty activist Sir Richard Branson on season two of Righteous Convictions with Jason Flom. The series features a diverse who’s-who of cutting edge activists at the forefront of the most critical issues of the day. Flom’s discussions with these thought leaders and changemakers uncover and inspire the most powerful actions people can take for reform, equal justice, and a better world for all. 

Pursuing its mission of making a positive impact through compelling stories, Lava for Good’s array of thought-provoking and inspiring new series planned for late 2021 and 2022 includes Then Who Did it?, which looks into the broader impact of every wrongful conviction: a victim left without justice, a grieving family left without closure, and the actual perpetrator potentially still at large. This visceral new series investigates cases left unsolved when an innocent person is convicted. As a companion piece to select cases from the Wrongful Conviction Podcasts series library, featuring stories of people who spent years behind bars despite evidence of their innocence, host, activist, and true crime journalist Lori Rothschild Ansaldi asks “Then Who Did It?”

Lava for Good’s upcoming War on Drugs podcast examines the true cost of America’s five decades of policy, policing, and persecution of drug use. Special guests, including diverse subject matter experts, examine the ways the War on Drugs has fueled mass incarceration, exacerbated addiction, and hampered economic progress.

Also coming soon: an 8-episode docuseries on the notorious case of Toforest Johnson, a man who has been on Alabama’s death row for 24 years for the shooting death of an Alabama police officer — a crime he and many others insist he did not commit. The former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice, the former Alabama Attorney General, and even the District Attorney have all called for Toforest’s conviction to be overturned before it’s too late. Yet, Toforest Johnson remains behind bars, facing his state-ordered execution. Beth Shelburne, an investigative reporter for the American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama’s Campaign for Smart Justice, narrates the story of her two-year-long investigation into this deeply troubling case.

Lava For Good will soon be announcing new shows from Webby Award honorees and winners Josh Dubin of Wrongful Conviction: Junk Science, and Laura Nirider of Wrongful Conviction: False Confessions, and a brand new production from Pulitzer Prize-winning author Gilbert King focused on his contact with a convicted serial killer who has confessed to brutal crimes for which another man has been convicted.  

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