Digital Detox: Living virtually
MUTEK and OBORO are teaming up to present the virtual and augmented reality exhibition Living virtually as part of the Digital Detox initiative. Installed at OBORO’s New Media Laboratory until Saturday, the six selected works address the issues of digital detoxification, our relationship to the natural world and the effects of digital technology on everyday life.

List of works : 
Aaron Bradbury (NSC Creative, Atlas V) — Fragments
Frances Adair Mckenzie (ONF) — L’abeille et l’orchidée
Ida Toninato and Claude Bastien (TREBUCHET) — Listening to the Walls
Olivia Mc Gilchrist —  MYRa, a gift for Rym
Shonee Arroyo-Kreimes — Field Of Reeds (prototype)
Stéphanie Morissette — Méandres

The Digital Detox initiative is rooted in a reflection process that began in 2020, during the pandemic. Like many cultural organizations, MUTEK has migrated its activities to the virtual space. Quickly, they noticed in their networks a distinct fatigue related to the consumption of content on the screen. This reflection was naturally prolonged in a questioning of the “ecological fatigue” generated by this sudden overproduction of a digital nature. With the Digital Detox project, they hope to generate a concrete reflection around these themes.

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Frankfurt Book Fair
Mutek is delighted to collaborate in the Québec showcase at the 2021 Frankfurt Book Fair, where Canada is the guest of honour. Organized by SODEC and accompanying the traditional Québec Édition stand reinvented by Montreal’s multidisciplinary creative studio mirari, the showcase revolves around the LOOP project. The interactive installation of illustrations inspired by Quebec literature, designed by Olivier Girouard, Jonathan Villeneuve and Ottoblix and co-produced by Ekumen and the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, is presented in Frankfurt until Sunday.

In parallel with the installation, Mutek contributed to the presentation entitled Storytelling Innovations and Hybrid Experiences in the Digital Age. Moderated by Sarah Spring, the discussion features LOOP and various hybrid projects connecting literature with artists from all disciplines. The panel includes Olivier Girouard (creator of Loop and founder of Ekumen), Frédéric Gauthier (publisher and founder of La Pastèque), Kerstin Rabe (editorial director of Mixtvision) and Antoine Tanguay (publisher and founder of Éditions Alto).

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