Christmas Freak

Surprising myself, as this is exactly the type of film which should not get a good review, even I have to admit this film, directed and written by Sean Brown (Radio Silence), won me over. It took me a while to fall into step with its rather odd ways, but one I had I found myself really enjoying it.

What would you do if you knew a person who acted like every day was Christmas? Would fall into the strange and annoying categories, no? Well, this is Rudy (Sean Marlow – first feature film). He is an odd little red-headed man who chooses to live his life like every day is Christmas. He loves Christmas. His whole house is decorated for Christmas year-round, he dresses kinda like an elf and has a dog he has named Prancer.

And will not change this no matter how much pushback he gets from the people around him like his therapy addicted mother (Gemma Bulos – first feature film), people on the street, his boss, and even his co-workers. Still, Rudy goes forward living the type of life he wants to.

The only person who does not seem to mind Rudy’s Christmas obsession is co-worker Clarice (Amy Hagan – The Dark Tapes). She harbours feeling for Rudy though is too shy to tell him.

As time marches on something happens which begins to make Rudy ponder. Questions his belief that Christmas is the greatest thing humans have ever done. Begins to think there might be more.

Dark humour abounds here. Combined with some stylized acting and some rather clever scenes and dialogue, Christmas Freak is a fun watch.