The Falconer

Coming of age film based on a true story set partially in a zoo. Two teenagers who despite their differences, one is the son of a poor beekeeper while the other is a white Westerner of privilege, have become close friends while working at a zoo. When Cai (Rupert Fennessy – first film) realizes that Tariq (Rami Zahar – first film) is desperate to raise the money needed to get his sister Alia Noor Al-Huda – first film) a divorce from her abusive husband, Ahmed (Fouad Al-Hinai – first film) he comes up with an idea.

The two are going to see some of the animals from the run down Omani zoo they work at in order to raise the money. Along the way, some moral dilemmas crop up which shows the divide in reality between the two teenagers. Kai’s love for the animals goes head-to-head with Tariq’s desperation.

Everything that happens here has a completely organic feel to it. Nothing false. Quite an accomplishment to get this type of feeling across in that most of the cast had never acted before. The natural way of the cast is woven together with an often languid pace of the film. The writer/directors, Adam Sjoberg and Seanne Winslow (first feature film), wisely allow the story the time and space to breathe. To come to life.

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