Following in the footsteps of Rumi was a journey marked by remarkable encounters. First, eight centuries ago, there was the meeting in Damascus between Mowlana (‘my master’) Jalaleddin Rumi (1207-1273) and his own master, the great philosopher and poet Ibn Arabi. Then there was the moment when musician Kiya Tabassian first encountered the immensely influential work of Rumi. Finally, there was the moment when Tabassian found a singer with the ideal voice for bringing Rumi’s intoxicating and timeless songs back to life. This last encounter, following in the luminous footsteps of Rumi and ignoring all borders en route, has produced some fiercely vivid music.

Avec / With
arra, voix & composition
Kiya Tabassian, sétar, voix & composition
Reza Abaee, gheychak
Didem Başar, kanun
Patrick Graham, percussions
Hamin Honari, percussions
Kianoush Khalilian, ney
Neva Özgen, kemençe
Charbel Rouhana, oud

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