Creepy Bits

6-Part Horror Web Series

Created and Directed by David J. Fernandes

Chapter 6 – SOUL SUCKER
Drops Sunday Hallow Eve Nite October 31



Lina is interrogated about the brutal and possible 
supernatural death of her boyfriend.

Starring, Elina Miyake-Jackson and James Burke

Welcome to the final Chapter of streaming screamer Creepy Bits, something you should already know about, and if not, get with the spooky-scary already. 

They have got you covered for Halloween with this smart, sinister bite-sized horror web series. The little 6-part morsel of terror has been served up weekly on Fridays (you can binge the other 5 episodes) on YouTube not to mention InstagramTikTokFBVimeo – they leave no platform unturned. But for the hell-bent season 1 finale, they’re switching up the dates from Friday to Sunday, October 31, for the best Hallow’s Eve ever.   

Created and Directed by David J. Fernandes (RE-WIRE, Binge), shot entirely in Hamilton, Ontario, Creepy Bits is an anthology that explores surveillance parenting, missing people, abandoned tunnels, creepy clowns, empty schools, and a gruesome murder.

Creepy Bits stars Madison Claringbold (Within the Deep, The Bookstore), Malaika Hennie-Hamadi (Age of the Living Dead), Daniela Rendon – Shazi (Haunted Hospitals), Andrew Ravindran (Toronto Short Film Festival-winner To No Man’s Land), Casey Fleming (Paranormal 911), Elina Miyake Jackson (Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan) and 5-year-old Emily Mitchell (Women Talking).

“More than a year into the new realities of a global pandemic, collapsing governments, and catastrophic climate change, it seems counter-intuitive that we may seek out things that make us anxious when we’re already feeling anxious,” says David J. Fernandes. “But I find something very satisfying about getting scared in a safe-way because unlike real life, a scary movie always ends and it’s a relief when it’s over.  “Creepy Bits is about providing a little hit of relief from the actual terror of real life,” says Fernandes. “Creepy Bits explores pandemic age themes of isolation, paranoia and distrust of authority, serving them up in bite-sized chunks you can watch anywhere, because we experience these things everywhere.”  
Chapter 6:  Soul Sucker – 9 pm – Sunday, Oct 31, 2021 

Chapter 1: Baby Face – 9 pm – Friday, Sep 24, 2021

Chapter 2: Occupied  – 9 pm – Friday, Oct 1, 2021

Chapter 3: Special Guest – 9 pm – Friday, Oct 8, 2021

Chapter 4: The Gift – 9 pm – Friday, Oct 15, 2021

Chapter 5:  Pitter Patter – 9pm – Friday, Oct 22, 2021
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