Dors-tu? @ Festival du Nouveau Cinema

It seems like bad things happen at Grandma’s house. Red Riding Hood found that out the hard way. Now, in Nadia Louis-Desmarchais’s film something absolutely terrible happens to young Lila (Leevia Elliott Robinson). She is going to stay at her grandmother’s for the weekend. A woman who adores her, so what could go wrong. Plenty!

Her cousin Maxime (Xavier Rivard-Desy) is there as well. They have been spending time there together since childhood. The two are quite close. Even now Maxime does not seem interested in girls yet, but is very happy with his cousin who will play video games with him, unlike his classmates.

The weekend gets off to a good start. That is until bedtime. Sharing the same bed, Lila goes to sleep first while Maxime stays up playing video games. Suddenly his attention wanders from the game to the sleeping Lila. And that is when the horrible begins and the damage between the two cousins is irreparable.

Louis-Desmarchais wrote and directed the short film which features plenty of darkness underneath the light surface. In a mere 16 minutes the story makes a complete 180-degree turn.

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